Kings County Overwhelmingly Supports Valadao

Contact: Anna R. Vetter; (217) 840-1034

HANFORD  –  This evening, U.S. Congressman David G. Valadao today announced endorsements from elected officials in Kings County.

Congressman David Valadao stated, “Having been born and raised in Hanford, earning the support of Kings County elected officials means the world to me. These are my friends and neighbors, these are the people that make Kings County such an amazing place.” He continued, “Together, we will continue fighting for the Central Valley.”

Kings County is made up of Hanford, Lemoore, Armona, Corcoran, Avenal, Stratford, and Kettleman City. The County is home to Lemoore Naval Station, and ranks 2nd among California counties in the production of tomatoes, cotton lint, cottonseed, and apricots. Kings County is historically rich in dairy production and ranks 8th overall in agricultural production in the State of California.

Kings County District Attorney Keith L. Fagundes said, “I am proud to support David Valadao for another congressional term. I believe he has worked well in Congress, and he has done his best to fight for valley issues. He has built relationships with all interested parties, and I appreciate the work he has done for not only our congressional district but also our country.”

“I strongly support Congressman Valadao,” said Kings County Sheriff Dave Robinson. “He has been instrumental in our efforts to fight crime and protect our community. Congressman Valadao worked to help support our grant application bringing four Deputy Sheriff’s to our agency through the COPS grant three years ago and those deputies currently work at our local schools. He has also fought against funding reductions to house inmates with federal charges in our local jail. Congressman Valadao makes himself available and frequently reaches out to me to inquire about local issues or concerns and I am proud to endorse him for Congress.”

Supervisor Doug Verboon stated, “As District 3 Supervisor for the Kings County Board of Supervisors, I understand the importance of communication to make the County of Kings run efficiently. Congressman Valadao has the same understanding by growing up, raising his family, working and living in the community he represents.” He continued, “We are all very fortunate to have such a person in this position sop lease help us in supporting David Valadao for Congress 2016.”

“David is a real person, just like us. He has a family and a business and he knows how hard it is to overcome all the obstacles we face today,” said Supervisor Mike Maggard. “That’s why I support David. He understands and he’ll fight for us, because he’s one of us.”

City of Hanford Mayor Justin Mendes, “Congressman Valadao doesn’t seek attention, but only seeks to help his constituents. He knows what we experience on a daily basis because he still owns a business and is raising a family like many of us here in Hanford. He and his family are very active in our community and the Central Valley is better because of it.”

“Congressman David Valadao knows what his district needs and he will fight for it and I’m honored to support him because he’s a man of true character,” said City of Hanford Vice Mayor Francisco Ramirez. “He goes with what he believes in his heat that’s going to benefit his district and that’s a man that we need an office!”

The full list of Kings County endorsements can be found below:

  • Keith Fagundes; Supervisor, Kings County
  • Richard Fagundes; Supervisor, Kings County
  • Joe Neves; Supervisor, Kings County
  • Craig Pedersen; Supervisor, Kings County
  • Dave Robinson; Supervisor, Kings County
  • Doug Verboon; Supervisor, Kings County
  • Harlin Casida; Mayor, City of Avenal
  • Dogoberto Ovalle; Councilmember, City of Avenal
  • Jerry Robertson; Mayor, City of Corcoran
  • Mark Cartwright; Vice Mayor, City of Corcoran
  • Jim Wadsworth; Councilmember, City of Corcoran
  • Justin Mendes; Mayor, City of Hanford
  • Francisco Ramirez; Vice Mayor, City of Hanford
  • Dave Ayers; Councilmember, City of Hanford
  • Russ Curry; Councilmember, City of Hanford
  • Gary Pannett; Councilmember, City of Hanford
  • Lois Wynne; Mayor, City of Lemoore
  • Jeff Chedester; Mayor Pro Tem, City of Lemoore
  • Billy Siegel; Councilmember, City of Lemoore

Congressman David G. Valadao represents the 21st Congressional District, which includes Kings County and portions of Fresno, Tulare, and Kern Counties.