TJ Cox introduced himself to CA21 voters… from CA16  

Hanford, Calif. – This morning, TJ Cox, with the help of the DCCC, began to make his introduction to voters in California’s 21st Congressional district… by highlighting his business in California’s 16th Congressional district.

Cox’s almond processing business, featured in Cox’s first TV ad, is based in Madera, nearly 20 miles from CA21.

It’s just another sign of TJ’s struggles to connect with voters despite the fact he doesn’t live in their district.

Cox, the handpicked by Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC to switch districts at the filing deadline, hauled in $33,117 from big money liberal donors in Nancy Pelosi’s district and more than $100,000 from Democratic lawmakers and PACs in Washington.

Meanwhile, Cox raised a whopping $989 from donors living in CA21.

The verdict is in: Cox’s pitch to voters as a man of the district is roughly as authentic as the pickup truck in his campaign ad.