Orange County isn’t in CA-21 either, Mr. Cox

Following Bay Area Fundraisers, Cox to Hold Rally 200 Miles outside CA-21

Hanford, Calif. – This weekend, CA-16 resident and Congressional candidate TJ Cox is taking barnstorming to a new level. Rather than campaign in the Congressional district he has chosen to run in, Mr. Cox is heading more than 230 miles south of CA-21 to Orange County for a campaign rally.

Cox is joining a number of other Democratic House candidates with headliner Barack Obama to rally extreme liberals in Southern California, an L.A. Times report states.

Valadao for Congress spokesman Cole Rojewski said, “It’s no surprise Mr. Cox is heading out of town for a campaign rally on his behalf. Not only does Mr. Cox not live within the Twenty-First Congressional District, he has continuously failed to gain the support of local residents and donors, and instead has chosen to rely on Bay Area and Hollywood liberals for political backing.