Cox’s authenticity problem is getting worse

Reliance on Bay Area money, lack of CA-21 in TV ads shows Cox just doesn’t care 

Hanford, Calif. – While CA-16 resident Mr. Cox attempts to convince voters of that he truly understands the needs of CA-21 from long distance, the act is becoming less and less convincing.

This morning, Axios published an interactive tool laying out just how beholden TJ Cox is to Bay Area liberal campaign cash.

According to the site, Cox has hauled in more than 79.8% of his funds from California Congressional Districts outside of CA-21.

The amount of campaign cash he’s raised inside CA-21? A measly 0.2%.

Based on a recent McClatchy report, Cox has raised 111 times more money in the Bay Area than in CA-21. Underscoring just how critical Bay Area cash is for his campaign, Cox traveled to Palo Alto last Saturday for a fundraiser and meet-and-greet.

Meanwhile, if you’ve caught a glimpse of TJ Cox’s latest television ad, you’ll notice him consulting doctors and nurses in a medical office. Sadly, this doctor’s office isn’t located in Selma, Fowler, Delano or McFarland.

It’s located across from the River Park Shopping Center in Fresno, nearly 14 miles from CA-21.

This isn’t the first time Cox has been busted for shooting his commercials outside CA-21. Cox’s first ad featured almond orchards and an almond processing plant based in Madera, well outside the 21st Congressional District.