Rep. Valadao refuses pay during government shutdown

HANFORD, Calif. – Congressman David G. Valadao is asking for his pay to be withheld during
the government shutdown.

Congressman Valadao, the Republican representative of the 21st California congressional
district, sent the request in a letter to the Chief Administrative Officer of the House of

“As a Member of Congress, I believe it is the core duty of the House and Senate to pass a budget
to ensure the government continues operating,” said Rep. Valadao. “Our inability to accomplish
this has serious consequences for all Americans including our seniors, veterans and members of
our military, and those less fortunate who rely on critical assistance programs.”

Rep. Valadao has also cosponsored legislation to prevent all Members of Congress from
receiving a salary during a government shutdown. H.R. 3160, the Government Shutdown
Fairness Act has not been brought to the House Floor for a vote and awaits action in the House
Administration Committee.

Congressman Valadao encouraged colleagues to cosponsor the legislation and refuse their salary
until Congress can pass a federal budget ending this government shutdown.

The 21st congressional district includes Kings County and portions of Fresno, Tulare, and Kern